Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Time...maybe

Where I live it is spring time. Sort of , still way to cold to venture outside for long.  I was feeling the need to inject some idea sparking creativity to my space. This is what I made from an online purchased kit.

I mounted it to the cover of an old book. I will be making the inside into an altered art journal book. I will be creating the pages first, so as not to mess up the cover. I will pre-cut and measure them with a binding border of an inch space on the left hand side. Once I am done, I will secure them to the inside.
 I used a few extra things from my stash.
 As well as I did change up  the instructions.
 {I have said it before, 'I am the worst at being told what to do'}
 I felt very decadent and selfish buying this kit from Karla's Cottage.
This is more or less what arrived promptly in the mail
The instructions are simple the supplies gorgeous vintage goodies. Karla hand picks and packages everything herself. All in all I am very happy with the results. There are so many new ideas spinning in my head now. I have some other gloves that I want to do something extra special with. One is a single tiny fish net glove that my oldest daughter wore when she was a little girl. The other is a set that my mom recently gave me that she wore when she was sixteen. She just turned '78'. I also have more kits to show you, but they are a surprise and waiting for my BFF and I to do!
Thanks Pinterest for 'Spring Time in Alberta'

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