Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

 How about hanging your 'Heart' up for Valentines Day?
 This was an interesting project to do. The long and short was to take 6 of my favourite papers and make a six sided hanging heart. I used the Heart Shape doilies as my pattern. Cutting each paper heart just slightly smaller so the lacy edges would show. So I used 3 paper doilies and 3 heart cut outs. Then I folded them down the center and alternated gluing them together. NOTE: Make sure and place your string or ribbon for hanging in the spine, before your closing in the last heart.
Check out that little face!
I added a cut out key to one and a pop open heart to another. If you are sending this out, it will lay flat for posting, and you could add photos or personal sentiments to each heart. You can use any size heart shape, cut your own or use a punch or cutting machine. Make a banner? I used honeycomb paper for the heart. I made it blue for all the ones we have loved and lost,
 but not forgotten!
Just for fun! Thanks Pinterest

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