Friday, January 13, 2017

Enchanted Harvest continues

This Kit came with one pack of Bo Bunny's  Ephemera 
I like to lay them all out and see what I have. In this one there were several tiny banner parts.

I picked a word...and mounted the letters from the sticker pack to each banner part. Now this is cute, but I think I would like to beef it up.
I cut three coordinating cardstock backgrounds for the letter tiles. This will add the dimension I want for the finished project. I hand trimmed the bottom of each tile to echo the banner shape I was working with. NOTE: Ink the edges of each tile at before continuing.
Here is a banner tip that you can translate to any banner. Lay your largest tile out on a ruler, this way your spacing will be perfect. You can tell right away if the finished banner will fit your page and adjust accordingly. I like to do things assembly style, so I added the foam pop dot squares to each letter piece {also in kit}
Next I chose a piece of jute to string my banner on. I marked the center above and on top of jute, so the positioning is easy.
Paying attention to the dots, I then used a regular staple gun to attach the next layer to the bottom and through the jute.
Everything is secure, so you can go ahead and add a dollop of glue right on top of the staple. The 'PPPS"  Position-Pinch-Punch-Staple through. Then layer center cardstock, pull the backing off your letters and secure. One more post on this marvelous kit will follow. So, you can see the finished layout. HINT: Sometimes I will fiddle with the embellishments before I even start the layout. That way when I go to assemble, the pieces only need to be secured to the background.
"I anticipate getting at least 10 layouts from this one Kit{purchased HERE} with extra left for ATC's and crossover projects. I will post them as I get them done at the bottom of this post, so check back soon!"
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