Friday, December 9, 2016

Always be a Mermaid.....

A pocket letter page!
Pocket letters are basically 9 coordinating ATC size cards tucked into a page sleeve. In the back is a getting to know you letter that you exchange with an artsy pen pal.
This is my very first try. I choose to use a canvas that I picked up at  good will. Who ever Betty Moore is thank you. She did a beautiful little beach scene. I cut it into ATC size pieces. The bottom row was kind of short, but that won't matter as I will be decorating over everything.
Graphic 45 paper is always my go to for finely detailed art work. I did a lot of fussy cutting. Some dry fitting, to see what I liked or did not like.
I added some 'Goosebumps' accents to make some areas shine.
{Like hot sauce.....I put that S__t on everything!}
made a tiny banner for over the top.
This is how it looked when I placed the cards into the sleeve. Pretty, but could use some more right?
This is a close up, by decorating under as well as over, the piece takes on a nice 3-D look with out too much bulk.
I don't do pocket page scrapbooking....but who knows maybe this is the start of a new adventure!
Thanks Pinterest for the laughs

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