Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our Beautiful Bright Wing

We call her Gabby. She is our Unicorns and Butterfly girl. She has a unique ability to light up the room when she comes in. When she turns that smile on you, you know she sees you and you are loved.
This is the over sprayed background. Cut dozens of wings and hand cut feathers as well. Then manipulate the color with spray

The frame is the box part that formerly held a mirror. It allows for a sturdy background to build on. {about 18" x 20", a large piece. I reinforced the back with whiteboard. This is not a tutorial, it took days and days of prep and planning. Not to forget to mention many over night drying periods.
Wings layered in with some complementary bling, ribbon and doily piece
Before texture, baubles and spray
As it is with white, so it is with black, very hard to get an accurate photo of the piece. Here is an adjusted one just to show some of the texture highlights and detail. I will have to get a photo with the 'good' camera.
This Dear Daughter as well as the mixed media work is the Sister
 to this one "Dark Wing" more details.
PS - note for Gabby "Who loves You Best?"

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tracie @ beets+birch said...

really lovely pam! another one of your pieces i'd like to run my finger tips over.
beautiful daughter.