Friday, June 26, 2015

Then and Now

Santanna, you were just a baby when you were the flower girl for your Aunty Shermane's wedding. At the wedding we went to last summer in the same haul, 16 years later, I tried to photograph you in front of the same windows. Each flap  in the layout opens up to show you then an now, and reveal the journaling. 

Just look how you have grown into a beautiful young woman. Still the same mischievous personality. In the first photo you were being entertained by the 'boys' throwing rocks across the parking lot.
Closeup of the reflection
of your back in the window
These three girls! 2 sisters and their niece.
 They have grown up close enough  in age
 to be like three sisters. 
Where did those little girls go?
 Looks like three gorgeous
 young women to me.
When Canadian Scrapbooker made the call a few months ago for Then and Now photos, I knew it was time to scrapbook this trio.

Being a thrifty scrapper, when I am using pricey paper with several layers. You got it! I cut the centers to use in smaller matting or different layers.

I do a dry mount fitting first. I start by lightly sketching the photo placement onto a plain piece of cardstock and building around the area. Eventually covering all the lines up so I can add the photo once the under layers please me.
Matt the photos before applying them and you will have a fast fun layout done. This one has a pocket to tuck the journaling under.
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This just cracks me up


tracie @ beets+birch said...

oh pam what a special project!

and you know the bottom then/now CRACKED ME UP!
have a good weekend babe!

Joanne said...

Oh, how sweet! Now I want to see it in person and read that journaling!

I really should find some old photo to do that with... if I could get my kids together in one spot..