Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rainbow Heart Cake

Look at this wonderful Pinterest creation, I watch the video and say to my self..."Self, you can do that" ~NAILED IT !!~
Rhiannon made the rainbow inside, this took many bowls to color and a complicated process of layering it out. Looks promising, I am excited at this point, four boxes of cake mix and almost a dozen eggs down. I cut them into hearts.....too large as it were. Freeze them, carefully precook a base, then stack them in.
 Fill in the rest of the batter.
Watch the video link above, I followed the directions
This is after about an hour and  fifteen minutes baking. It looks a lovely golden brown....I turn it upside down to help loosen it from the sides. Suddenly I notice it flaking and falling.....
Alas, the inside is raw, very raw, so back in the oven for another hour.
This is the sliced view, still kinda gooey around the edges, But if you squint you can see the lovely heart shape that should be encased with white cake.
These are the cupcakes, I haven't cut into them, I am hoping they are okay in the center. LOL. Thank You Pinterest, for the lovely inspiring pictures,
 I have learned this lesson well.
 Leave the clever baking to the pros LOL
Looks like Cheese Cake for dessert again!!
And for Joanne.....Just when I thought it was a goner, this pops off the side. Don't worry, I will keep you updated once it blooms. LOL



tracie @ beets+birch said...

:( what a bummer! over 2 hrs in the oven and all that work!!!

your orchid!!! it doesn't even look like it has any leaves but it sent up a flower stem! amazing.
joanne and i were going back and forth about our orchids on my FB.
you are the orchid whisperer!

Cindy C. said...

Wow that takes time and patience to make the lovely rainbow colour heart center for your cake!!!! High 5!!!

Really? You've given me hope on my "dried up and about to get throw away" orchid plant!! May be I will keep it around a little longer! Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter!!

fairyrocks said...

Tracie, LOL Orchid whisperer. If I am that then Joanne is the Orchid supplier. She buys me the most magnificent plants. This one once stood tall and full of blossoms. But, I am not complaining, I love this plant. Joanne needs to start a blog.

Cindy, yes they may look like goners but then suddenly come back. Mine is in a warm location never gets cold water for watering always room temp and is sort of neglected LOL

Joanne said...

Okay, this is Joanne, the one that supplies orchids yet cannot manage to keep one going... my last attempt is still alive (has green leaves) but all the flowers have dropped. I will keep you posted. And your cake looks yummy! I also had an Easter cake fail, but with a full cup of butter in the cake itself, no one really cared....

Joanne said...

and apparently I give up way too easily! your orchid looks dead!! but again, I am not surprised. So, this last one of mine I am keeping at work. As long as I am working (?????) I will keep this plant and not set it outside. We will see, we will see....

Jessi Fogan said...

This is what I would call NAILED IT! So long as it tasted good :)