Friday, March 27, 2015

Canvas lettering tutorial

Lets have a little fun with an
inexpensive resist technique
~Assemble your supplies:
~A theme and a quote for your project
~Art Canvas or heavy paper
~Gesso White
~School quality white glue
~Faber Castell color sticks
~Water Pen
~Misting Bottle
~Glimmer Mist spray or similar product
 in Blue, Gold / Yellow Brown / Sand
Begin by prepping your canvas or paper with a healthy layer of Gesso. Let it dry completely {over night is best} I lightly sketched my lettering with a pencil. Then carefully over draw your letters with white glue. {the lettering will have to be larger than a normal lettering} This layer will also have to dry over night. If I do this again, I will try to free hand the glue because you can still see the pencil when it is dry.
Use your Faber color sticks to create a background. I started with a pile of stones in one corner. The stones are from a tissue that
I separated and mod-podged into the corner.
Scribble your colors on, when you are happy with placement apply a fine mist and allow the water to start blending the layers
Use a different brush for every
color to blend your canvas
 Use a heat gun to aid the drying time. At this point I added some mists in coordinating colors to give the piece some shimmer
While I was waiting for things to dry, I worked on the mermaid. I stamped her then cut close to the edges. Added Fragments of mica on top of a heavy layer of white glue. I moved the bits around with  the tip of a paper clip.
 This too had to dry over night. Then I quickly filled in her  body with copic color pens.
Once the canvas was dry, I picked the glue off of the lettering. It may take a bit of time,
but I love how it turned out.

Made a fish net with hemp string and simple knots
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Cindy C. said...

Wonderful project Pam!! Thanks for sharing the process!

tracie @ beets+birch said...

pretty cool lady!
i've seen this done with stickers before but i like this organic flowy look better.

i have always loved that quote.

Jessi Fogan said...

Ohh this is neat! I love the mermaid especially :)