Monday, September 15, 2014

Punking a Prima Cowgirl

 I like to play around with the stamps in my collection. Recently I nabbed this one from the 'little green machine' when I was at the 'Airdrie Farmer's Market'
Check out the links to find out how you can shop there too. Grab the 'scrapendipity app' for your phone.
I always start by assembling what I think I am going to use in the project. The stamp, several stamping sheets, one for full body to work on as well as several scraps in different colors,
Choose elements of your stamp to emboss. Cut them out and do a dry fit on your stamped doll pattern.
I chose to do the vest and shoes. I extended the edges of the vest with an embossing pen, then emboss with a metallic powder and cut it out.  You can see in this frame, I have marked off the cowboy hat and will trim skirt, shoulders and such in the following photos. This will help you manipulate her into something other than her original intended form.
You can see where to trim, hat, hair, shoulders, skirt
Now to add a bit of interest to her skin parts. Grab any mesh you have laying around. I believe this is from a garlic sack. It had a small pattern. Next place your doll inside and ink over top, gently keeping the mesh in place.
If you wanted to detail her face with markers that would work too. For this sample it is just a quick inking. Now you can glue your decorative parts on. The skirt is fashioned form a paper doily and trim from the ephemera bag. Be sure to fashion the skirt before you add the vest. Secure them all in place. Trim the lines on her arms and neck with jewels. {this helps disguise the lines} A jewel on her forehead, wings from a Cheery Lynn die, a real peacock feather behind her head and you have a fun piece for a layout or a card.
Many of the items you see used for embellishment are from the 'Ephemera Pack' Each pack is unique, full of one of a kind individual pieces for your mixed media art projects and creations.

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Jessi Fogan said...

How fun & cool this is! I especially love the tips on how to change up the stamped image - I have a hard time envisioning that, but I *do* have a Prima girl I can play with! Love the tip on the mesh for stenciling too - crafty genius, Pam!!