Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hi Olde or Bye Silver

Sunday mornings are slow for me. I like to take some time and blog about. Today I ran up on an article about dyeing the grey out. Read the funny, real post about that at Beets + Birch. I encourage you to read it. It did key some thoughts in me I commented as follows:

"Interesting post. I think it is a personal choice, do what you feel keeps you true to You. ' You' my dear have a glorious head of silver, flaunt it!!"
that was my reply to Tracie with a link here to continue so as not to jack her wonderful post. {If you pop by Tracie, know that dyed or not dyed, we are kindred silver sisters}
So On With my thoughts on this:
I haven't committed to doing the natural yet. I will get there, I do so love the look of an all silver crown. Of course, it has to be wispy and Fae like.
 {I am not sure mine will ever go entirely to that} I remember vividly the first silver I spotted . I was fascinated for about 2 minutes and promptly took care of it with a yank. By the time I found the second I knew they were with me to embrace. So, I learned to love something about them. I love that when they do show up, they are a real shimmery glittery silver. They seem to appear magically multiplied nightly {this may or may not coincide with having had two more children later in life} Or maybe I was a silver Rapunzel in a past life
 I lived with the occasional silver shimmering through for about five years. Then I bought a box of dye I started dyeing at home. {I never go to a salon....see lower part of this post as to Why}  I have learned that having been born as my mother puts it with 'mousy brown hair***' {my hair was a dark brown, that would show golden highlights from the sun for most of my life}  I prefer to stay in the lighter brown shades. I don't want red, auburn. or black. I think when older women go too dark, unless their hair is very short, it gives them a scary look. {Disclaimer, if you are older and love it dark, then don't let my opinion stop you} The roots, like my teeth grow long, mostly salt and pepper. No glorious strips of white for me, just intertwining layers like an old chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cake.
  Truth be told I want fairy blue hair.
But, alas my youngest daughter sports it so well. I would not do that to her. I could rant a bit here about how gorgeous young women are going white. Really? You take away the one glorious thing unique to older women ?, but, I won't.
   My personal hair dresser woes deal more with the cutting {I avoid it like vampires avoid a garlic festival} One time I specifically told the hair dresser, "no bangs" and you got it, and so did I...A full fringe of bang. I went shopping after, ran into a lady I had not seen in years...she just sort of stared at me and kept mumbling...'you look so different'...I went home, looked in the mirror and cried. I did not look like my self at all. It was 15 years till I went to a hair dresser again. Then another 7..the last cut was done on the deck by my Romeo, who snipped 4 inches off the bottom for me.
I like my hair long, and it is long and has been that way for the majority of my years. I may never cut it, but, I am perpetually ready for Halloween. {Took the motor out of my broom last year, and will shop for a new one soon}
This is a recent photo that's right I cropped off the 'shot in the ass effect' because we are talking about older hair...not older other parts.
***About the Mousy brown hair~ I never thought of my hair as pretty, ever!! My mother was hyper critical during my formative years. 'cutting it all off when I was a child' Doing it up in this really horrid {funny now} fountain for one of the school photos. 'during the teen years, the rebellious ones, she never hesitated to mention how messy it always looked, and I should braid it' That was until recently.... I have been taking her to her eye operation appointments. Long gruelling days spent waiting in close crowded rooms with other elderly folk. It was during one of these visits after she had had a light sedative, that she told me..."Your hair sure looks pretty" well I nearly fell over. She went on to say how "I have never noticed how it shines and such a pretty shade, and was I using a new shampoo?" At this point I feel an unexpected little lift inside, but put it off to the drugs talking. I think it was about 3 day's later when I was mulling over the compliment and its origins, that I realized....She was complimenting my 'DYED' hair....not my real mousy brown hair. LOL and such is the circle of life.

I love a good story, and welcome Your silver musings? Maybe I should have titled this post "To Dye or Not to Dye? that is the question"

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tracie @ beets+birch said...

hi pam!
thank you so much for your comment on my post!
i love that it inspired you to write about your own hair and i appreciate the shout out about my blog! very kind!

you have lovely hair! it is very shiny and pretty!it looks like it is very soft too!

while i'm ditching the dye i actually love that people are expressing their personal style with aqua, pink, etc hair. have fun with it for as long as it's fun and feels like them!

i had a very critical mother who made me feel like my curly hair was a curse.
also my premature greying was a telltale sign of her age which played heavily on her own vanity, insecurities and fueled a rash of criticism that also contributed to the pressure of my hair coloring. MOTHER ISSUES!!!!

i have fought those curls my whole life... until now.
the epiphany to embrace my curls came at the same time as i embraced my silver.
i have amazing curls. no more smoothing them down. no more hiding them!
i am busting out of my cocoon like a butterfly! BAM!

what a pretty blog you have! i'm following along now!