Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hot Summer Days Spent Pickin.....

.....And then there was more!!!
Recently....on a pickin expedition
Had a fun and exhausting day 'Pickin' at my DH's old garage. Story goes it was once the site of a country store. So, many of the items had been used in the garage after the store  closed. So many interesting things to clean up and try to decipher the origins of. Hoping to use the crates in the house as part of a downstairs remodel. Some of them are a little mousey smelling. I hit them with the air compressor and then the car wash tool, and some Lysol cleaner. They are currently in the 'dry out' section. Hoping some airing and sanding, perhaps a light seal will make them house worthy. If you know how to get that smell out of wood, I am up for any suggestions to try? The tiny round stove will reside in the Playhouse soon. I think I will try to either seal the rust, or re blacken it. I know there once was a product to 'blacken' your stoves. Kind of like a polish for stoves. Not sure if it is still around.....hmmmm more questions than answers today. Does anyone know what solvent will remove tar?
 Will update with more photos in the near future. You should see some of the old bottles....well you will, once I get them cleaned....
Thanks to DH and his parents for letting us pick!!


Anonymous said...

your welcome my dear

Cheryl said...

Whoa... your a lucky duck!
I recently bought/loved a product called "Krud Cutter" I bought it at Home Depot. I LOVE it. Spray a little bit-- use a magic sponge and things become clean so fast... it leaves you breathless lol I highly recommend you giving it a try. I try all the products out there--- and this one rates number 1 with me :-)
big hugs,

Halle said...

What treasures! I wonder if a spray of Febreeze might freshen the smell...or let them set with dryer sheets in them. I know it's likely just masking the smell but eventually I think it would dissipate.