Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hello new and old friends. Its time to get back to some real blogging.
Hi Julia, thanks for hosting organizing and entertaining at the Stamping Ground
The spare table in the kitchen is loaded with old receipts,as well as notes in my fathers hand. Some even going back to the 50's.
My Mom had them set for the burn pile. I was at first just going to sort through and grab some random signatures, old stamps etc. for scrapbooking.
I couldn't stop there. Some are very interesting to read. I am compiling a group to sandwich into books for the children. I am sorting according to birth dates. Kind of a 'this is how much things cost on the day you were born.' Please feel free to let me know what YOU might do with the stacks of paper and hand written tax related notes I have rescued. 
 I am using an old rusty trunk for the covers:
 It can not be recovered as is so
 I am stripping off book size portions
 Gotta LOVE those handles I will be adding bits of rusty 'other' things I have picked last year. Does anyone have any idea as to the kind of glue I can use on rusty metal?
It is a huge project. But, I never do things by half hearted effort. LOL Wish me luck and please comment, I am open to ideas???

 I am hooking up with an old bloggy friend 'Julia' who hosts a weekly
 What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday?. You can read all about it and link up HERE
What are YOU working on this week?


MaggieC said...

As a genealogist, I would keep all of those receipts for future use. I would also scan them all so that I cold print them out to use for crafting. They are just too interesting to do away with. I hope you have a great week playing with these irreplaceable documents. xx Maggie

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh wow those receipts are so cool, I love doing family history research so anything like this gets my attention. I pop the odd receipt into my Smash books/ Project Life so that in years to come we can see what things cost in today's world. So cool. Take care Zo xx

my cup of tea said...

I see some amazing projects in your future! Metal and paper- LOVE it all! Please post your progress!
Thanks for the visit!

Sue said...

Those receipts are just amazing. I'd definitely keep them.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Happy WOYWW. Sue (GracefulGreyhounds)

Mrs.D said...

Pam, thanks for visiting me and your nice comments, I have been doing some creating today, but haven't managed any pics so far.
Those papers are fascinating, do keep as many as you can, and th binder you are proposing looks like a fab idea, your children/grandchildresn will really appreciate them later.
Bless you

Lorraine said...

love anything rusty and vintage..great photos and items

Angie said...

Oh wow! You are so creative! I hope we get to see what the books look like once they are compiled! The receipts are a treasure!!! Thanks for stopping by my desk this week!!!! :)

Eliza said...

Another blog I have gone to leave a comment on about a dozen times and I keep getting interrupted. So I am trying again.

Love those tags I would be scanning them in and keeping them, one day the will mean heaps to you and possibly a collectors item. People do collect stuff like this. Now in answer to your question. Pritt have a glue called Pritt Gel and it is great for gluing metal. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda
Thanks for visiting too.
Belated WOYWW greetings

glitterandglue said...

Hello. Don't think I have found you before - but thanks for visiting my site a few minutes ago. I would keep the receipts - like Maggie, I love my family history, and spent a good deal of time doing research. Must do some more when time permits....
My word - what a project!!! No idea what glue you would use - I'm sure it will all turn out to be a lovely unique gift for your family.

akilli melek said...

never throw away what you can play with another day! that's my motto. i think your kids will be thrilled to have such a great link to the past.
how about glossy accents as a glue?
caroline (akilli melek)