Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chalk Board Paint

Hop Scotch and side walk art, we all remember the feel of that chalk in our hands and sunshine on our heads as we take the chalk to the pavement.  Summer is in the air. Here are some things I have been playing with this week. 
I made a simple writing board, to leave daily message for my family. Use it to announce 'What's for Super' when the kids come home. A 'Happy Birthday' message, send your loved ones out the door with a sweet thought of the day.
This is the before, I covered it with black chalk paint. Because it it untreated wood, I used 4 coats, I also used a heat gun to speed drying, and it worked just fine. A stick of chalk will sit nicely behind the LOVE sign. HINT: Sharpen the chalk stick to a point for small writing.

This was super easy, I just held the loaded sponge brush and twirled the glass to get a band to write on. HINT: Tie the ribbon on before you write on the label. Fill with candies. or a conversation starter note.
You could even paint small glass jars or stones for summer event seating.
Ready to Play ?  Lets get started:
Work on newspaper for large projects, or a craft mat for smaller items
Preparing your surface is key to a successful project
~make sure your background is sound, clean, remove any loose paint
~make sure the surface is dry
~shake your container of chalkboard paint to make sure you get a good mix.
   maybe insert a skewer to be certain the bottom is mixed.
~apply several even coats using a foam brush, you want it to be smooth, so take your time.
~allow coats to dry at least 24 hours before writing on the surface
~it is now ready for your special message.
NOTE: this product can be sued on paper to add another dimension to your cards or scrapbook pages. But, wait, you could use this paint on so many surfaces:
Clothes peg note holder
Stone place marker
Glass jars, or just the lid
Water Bottle tag to personalize places for your retreats
Kids party cups
What would you do with Chalk Paint?

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