Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013...Looking Back

 The years fly by entirely too fast. Life is a kaleidoscope of  emotion and experience. Here are a few of my favourite things from the past year that never made their own post. In no particular order:
A  priceless note written by my sweet Grand Daughter about the people in her life. 
Here is the translation:
'My NaN likes To boke.' 
{Her Nan is a professional caterer and baker} 
'MY GraMe likes To Do KrAfs.'{that would be me}
 'MY MOM Wrks at the Farms MAke'. 
{Her Mom orchestrates and runs a Farmers Market.}
 'I have A AnTee ThaTs A GooD AnTeem'. 
{She has an aunt that is a good aunt to her, hint, she has blue hair}
Love this photo of our two youngest those girls
Please note the digital graphics on this layout were  purchased for scrapbooking, they belong to the very talented Molly Harrison, you can follow the link to see more of her work.
We are a FAE family
I spent some time checking under the toad stools around the fairy rings...but still not fairies.

I managed to scrapbook some old photos, look at that hair?
Gabe was just a baby in this one too !
and he lost his first tooth at our house this year
...well, Grandpa helped

Both of the older daughters moved into new homes
{Mom and Dad helped a LOT!!} 
I could wait a long time before I haul another loaded dolly up a flight of stairs. Do you think when we are too old to live independently they will move us?...

Congratulations to our second oldest who ran a brilliantly 
planned and executed campaign for city council. 
She won a seat. She will be an asset to Airdrie City council for sure!!

Aunty Phyllis turned 81
Santanna turned 18
 on the same day!
How much fun am I going to have 
scrapbooking that one ?

It hasn't all been wonderful sometimes life gave us HUGE onions, so we had some tears.
The kids are all growing up. I just can't seem to get a single photo with everyone in it.
 So, minute by minute, hour by hour, day to day,
 we take the good, the bad, the easy, the hard and we build a life.

Tessa- 2007-2014


Anonymous said...

very beautiful my it all. and thank you

love romeo

Linda Pekrul said...

What a lovely way to pay tribute to a year. Those notes from the grandchildren are unbelievably precious. Your work is amazing. Love all the layouts. So sorry to see that you lost a fur baby. I'm a dog lover and know how hard it is when they leave us.