Saturday, December 14, 2013

'The Garden Treasure Chest'

My friend London McNight from
'The Garden Treasure Chest' sent me some happy mail a few day's ago.
 It was just stuffed full of all the things I would need to make a fairy door. Who could resist that? Not me that's for sure.
This is the package opened up.The custom flowers are like nothing I have ever worked with before. They will stand up to much manipulation and can be colored to suit your own style. I started with the simplest looking door. I will work my way up to the glow in the dark window door. This was just so much fun to make. Stop by her Etsy Shop and get some of your own. 


Sandy said...

I am sure all fairies would love to have a door just like this one!

Rita Barakat said...

How fun who wouldn't love a fairy door!

Anonymous said...

wow it looks great dear
love romeo

Jessi Fogan said...

oh em gee this is fantastic! I couldn't resist it either - so fun :)