Friday, November 29, 2013

Canadian Scrapbooker

Winter issue is HERE and I am on page 66!
With a slightly altered name / alias, but I was almost seven by the time I could spell it all correctly any how. LOL
The call was for 'a brick in the wall'
I made the bricks extend to form the background for the page with gesso, inks and molding paste
 The scroll unrolls to reveal the journaling, the ends are pins I created using real Jade stone beads. It is written on piece of paper {also picked up in China} 
The fabric is a snip from a piece of silk I purchased in China.
Thank You Canadian Scrapbooker !!! This issue is just full of wonderful inspiration and how to's!!


Denise Price said...

Congratulations!!! The brick wall effect is, of course, über-cool, and I also like the ephemera from China that you used in your scroll.

Linda Pekrul said...

Congrats! Pam. My jaw dropped open when I saw this in the magazine. Such a cool layout - the way you incorporated both photos - and that fabulous brick wall with the Chinese elements ... wow oh wow! (Not to mention the title.) Yup ... really loved it!