Friday, September 13, 2013

Play with us for a Prize

 Meet my helper's,
 'Marlie the Kat' and 'Taryn the Terrible'
I spent a goodly amount of time working in the 'Playhouse' Marlie searches for the mice and moths. Taryn makes big plans for playing in the attic and helped me figure out which boards will fit where. She has a natural affinity for this type of work. I also believe she can talk non stop for at least 3 hours LOL. Who loves you best  'Littlefoot' ?
Thank You Linda for this sketch, click on the links below to see more samples and to come and play for a chance to win a terrific prize.

I hid the journal behind the main photos

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Linda Pekrul said...

Aw, love the angel wings on your sweet little helper! Your post made me giggle as I'm sipping my coffee. :) What would we do without our chatterbox granddaughters! Love the photo of Marlie. Can't wait to see updates on the playhouse.

Dawn said...

What an adorable page - love the little wings, beautiful paper and clever hidden journalling. I can relate - my son talks enough for our entire family lol. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the finished playhouse...

Jessi Fogan said...

I am the talker ;) Actually, so is Connor. Between us I don't know how anyone else gets to say anything! I love the wings you've added to her - and the fabulous photos!

Rita Barakat said...

Two lovely little helpers!My baby girl is quite the chatterbox too!