Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Canadian Picker....or

The 'H'oarder word that my friends and family call me. 
Well my Bff say's 'you are the keeper of the memories ' Thank you for that 'J' you do know me so well. My Sister in Law is embarking on a new journey which involves collapsing the old old house. She invited us out to take whatever we wanted from her basement. A very old cement structure, with partial dirt floors. So, I scrounged around and this is the 'Haul' PS, the other part of 'WE' is my poor hauling things up the stairs in 30 degree heat, husband.
This was a display case in the old 'Hespero' store. It looks to have been home made. I love the patina.
In these photos it is laying on its side. I hit it with the pressure washer. 
 This is the back- note the BURNS box in the background
 Every case is latched with these anazing little brass hook and eye's.
Now for the bad news. I take entire responsibility for this. I was so excited  with the find, I wasn't as cautious as I should have been. I think I will clean up the glass and cover them with metal tape to protect the fingers and put it back together. This just breaks my old H...der's Heart.
It is very flaky, I will have to paint over it, but will try to preserve some of the original patina. Maybe a coat of shellac before I paint? so I can rub off and still reveal the original coats? I am up for ideas or suggestions from anyone, so feel free to offer advice.
 picked up 3 old crates as well as various little bits of this and that from a long ago time


Linda Pekrul said...

A wonderful find and I know it will soon be looking amazing again thanks to the magic you work on well loved items!

Denise Price said...

What a lovely find! Too bad the glass broke. I have no skill when it comes to refinishing furniture, but I do hope you'll be able to preserve the aged look. That peeled paint reminds me of the Kaiser Craft "Basecoat" papers!

Joanne said...

I love all this stuff!! You have lots of room, don't hold back when you find treasures like these!

Rita Barakat said...

This is very cool! I am sure you will do something magical with it!