Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That Moment...

When you realize the entire lid 
came off with the gold dauber cap...
but its too late, its on your table, pants, project...both hands...
on my i-phone too...but don't tell...
I feel and look like an Egyptian sarcophagus
Palm readers? 
Looks like a long messy happy life for me, 
perhaps some new paint pants in the near future?.
On the other hand...along with the gold I have been
busy, playing and having fun doing it.
These are some of the things I have  been working on
As well as various projects for my 'Paper Traders' Group


I consider this a success and will try it again.
 Starting earlier next year

Paper Traders 12 month journal project. I will have a
tutorial over at Scrapbookers Paradise next Tuesday 
about how I made the background for this.
The prompt for this one was 'SIMPLIFY'

Tip in journal project . Working on the first recipients
page, themed by her 'OCEAN'  and created by me.

'RAVEN' this needs journaling or words I am stuck....

'NIGHT SKY' needs journaling or words too.
 I am open for ideas
sometimes I spill the mist too.....

A recent find, to read about it you will
have to check out the post on


Lynn said...

I will have to admit that has happened to me more than once, lol. I spilled a whole bottle of liquitex ink on myself, the table..and everywhere else. I love all your projects..so inspiring! Great work my friend!

Dawn said...

Been there; done that... I love your labels, they are the Tiffany's of vanilla.

You create such amazing backgrounds. I'm looking forward to reading the how to. Gorgeous work!

Cheryl said...

lol.... your a messy girl! That photo of your hand made me laugh... then the pink stuff all over your table, had me laughing some more lol You crack me up!

Jessi Fogan said...

Man, with this week's challenge post I was going to mention WHY you are never to let go of the misting bottle, ever ;) Now I'll be sure to! So many cool projects - love the look of the vanilla! And the ravens...maybe some Poe? Hate to go with the "obvious" suggestion but maybe the poem itself will give you some more ideas?

CraftygasheadZo said...

oooh that gold looks lush but perhaps not where it shouldn't be! I rarely use paints as I'd end up with it everywhere, on my nose as I push my glasses up etc.... Anyway fab journal pages! Take care Zo xx

Emily Keaton said...

You shared some really beautiful projects in this post. Had to giggle about the spills! I do that too ;-)