Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Day In The Life

I,  like many of us, when asked what I am doing
today will say... "Same thing I do everyday, 
I get up and hit the ground running. I go hard and, for as
 long as I can. I get up tomorrow and start again." 
I like it this way I do get a lot done. 
I have a running list of things I want to, and will, do.
In fact I am sure when my time here is done,
 the stone epitaph will say
 "She might be gone, but, She's not 'DONE YET' "
I generally have a plan for the day. I see what needs to be 
accomplished and I get in and get it done.
I like it this way. I am a doer of
 things a big scale planner and dreamer of dreams.
 I love to have my children and 
grand children close. I do the scrapbooking
and altered art as a selfish outlet for my creativity.
During the long winters, when I've done all I can....
I wait for spring, because I know it will come...
.......I just have to wait
There are life's set backs, so I deal on an hour to hour
day by day basis. I don't  for the most part,  
share these times unless they are funny. 
I do have my share of odd funny to me moments. 
Like the time, I was so
engrossed in my happy place that I wouldn't take 
a bathroom break ....
....when I finally did, I found that  I had  glued 
my shirt to my pants {true story honest}

Then there was the time, years past now...
I was driving down a dangerously steep, twisty,
 back tracking mountain road.
I had a 2 year old and a 4 year old in the back seat
fighting and generally tired of riding. 4 Year old was kicking
my seat too. I glance quickly in the rear view mirror
 and she has the  Nerf football in hand. 
I say in my best serious mom voice,
"Don't throw tha......DUUUFFF....
I get it right in the head with the football. 
This is life and we deal, we learn to not
pack big toys in the car for long trips.

When stuff happens
 like these two faithful companions, 
in the window, 
'certain the kids will be home soon. 
And all will be well'
  I wait...I do some scrapbooking or art to express myself
The journal on this one is too personal, so I will only
share the background... the unfinished artwork.
But, I will tell you 'I waited,
 it was hard,  all is well now'

Now it feels like I am rambling, because I am....
I just wanted to say that I feel bad for all the people
I should go visit, but probably won't.
The friends I want to have over, but can not,
because the house is in such a state that 
a certain TV show would be happy to highlight 
us and psychologically examine, 
'why can't they throw that away?'
 I do as much as I can , when I can, and, .....
spring will come...' I wait.... '


Cathy L. Calamas said...

oh my goodness, what a joy to read this tonight. Made me smile!! Love your epitaph.

Linda Pekrul said...

What a thoughtful post Pam. I had to laugh when I got to your last paragraph, because we sound so similar!

Micupoftea~ said...

Hello Pam~ When I read the last part of your post I felt recognition of that not perfect, not 'good' enough for company and it made me a bit sad. I hear ya, I've been there. But certainly, true friends don't care, right? It's like that saying- "Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter!" I have to tell myself that regularly. AND, I MAKE myself use the good china and the good towels, etc...cause, really, what am I saving them for? Enjoy the end of January, sweet lady. You are welcome to stop by anytime, even if the living room has Christmas boxes that still need to be taken out to the garage!

Jessi Fogan said...

I so thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, Pam :) And indeed, I see myself in much of what you wrote! We don't have people over often either - but exactly as Shawn said, if they'll judge you because you have better things to do than tidy, I guess they aren't really friends anyhow. You know what I always say? I'm a stay-at-home mom, not a housewife. Also, that I fired the maid because she was always drunk ;)

Joanne said...

wow, that was wonderful. You are such a writer, so much comes through. Your message is soothing, all things come to those who wait... especially Spring! But in the meantime, I will come and visit and I'll be upset if you even attempt to tidy anything ahead of time!