Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Summer Wedding

My brothers youngest daughter got married today

As we sat in the church to and listened to their vows.
The minister said some very important things

 they are so young and beautiful.
Full of hope and promise on this their wedding day.

The pastor spoke of how we, as witnesses were
obligated to not only witness, but also do nothing
to ruin what they begin today. I thought that was such
a valuable thing to impart on all of us.
We could certainly pass that on
to most any aspect of our lives.
' Do nothing to bring about the ruin of what,
 someone else has begun in honesty and good faith.'

A day of Family and Laughter. A few sentimental
tears from the bride's parents.
A  Father dances with his daughter to the tune of
 'Butterfly Kisses'
and when he looks at her...
 he will always see  His Little Girl


onecraftymama said...

That is an incredibly powerful thing to say. I'm going to bookmark your post - my sister is getting married in less than a month (eek!) and I think I'd like to include that in my speech (double eek!).

Rita Barakat said...

Thats lovely and so important! She looks so young and gorgeous!