Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Musing

 I do so love the Summer Time


The coral poppy that graces my front garden
briefly every July

a  Master Weavers Web in with
 the morning mist behind

The clouds that bring a  cool breeze

I call this plant the 'Ladie's  in Red'
When they don their
brilliant skirts even for such
 a short time they make me smile.
This year I counted  twenty-two flowers

It clings to a crack on the very
 edge of the back garden.
I would like to move it somewhere safer
But, I think it might not survive the transplant

an  abandon build

....One day I am going to fill this let it get warm
and languish under the sunny blue sky
in my own personal garden oasis...
that's right, just me and mother day

a  magical ruin stone  so when the fairies
come to gather these petals for their dresses they can
whisper a spell and make
a child's wish come true


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...such a beautiful posting Pam...I adore the spiders webb as much as really fear these tiny (and some not!) creatures they do spin the most amazing works of art and you have captured the full beauty of your poppies with their delicate papery leaves...Mel :)
Wishing you a super weekend Pam...xx

onecraftymama said...

Such a beautiful & fanciful post, Pam! I love the runestone & its collection of stones, and the tub - just amazing :)

Anonymous said...

very nice pictures dear. Ihad no idea you wanted to soak in the tub

love romeo

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Going to try this original post vanished ack!

Your photo of the spider web is amazing! Love the rune stone and soaking in a tub in your garden sounds cool. Altho, when I think of that I get the image of the intro to The Fall Guy where Lee Majors is in his tub out in the woods......yeh, weird things sometimes pop into my mind :/

Anne said...

How beautiful - I love your photos, too!

Thanks for visiting me!