Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7-Gypsies 'Trouseau'

Well just the 4-Gypsies actually
A few years ago we did a road trip. One of the highlights of our trip was a tour of the 'Winchester House' It is rumoured to be haunted by poor Sarah Winchester who was the widow of the riffle manufacturer. 

 It was so interesting. The story the guide tells as you travel from room to room, around blind corners and up dead end staircases centers around her eclectic superstitious way of life. He used our youngest daughter as an example of how tiny Sarah was. That day she just happened to be wearing a long skirt too. Because I am addicted to trying to get photos without other 'tourists' {yes I mean you} in them, we hung to the back of the group. In fact I thought we were the tail end. I had her pause on a blind landing so I could take her photo, just as I snapped it with the flash the real lager lady stepped around the corner, and SCREAMED.....It was so funny to us, I am sure she thought our daughter was the ghost of  Mrs. Winchester.
The out of focus shot of the 'dark figure' is  the camera running out of battery. I used it because it adds to the aura and mystery of this place.

I wanted to have some fun with this layout so I stamped the black hats
on black card stock then carefully cut them out.
I also stamped and emboss over the photo after everything was assembled.                       
 Note: If you do this, be careful not to overheat your photo or it will bubble the finish.
If you accidentally get embossing power where you don't want it, just use a soft dry brush to remove the excess grains before you heat it.

I found Sarah on the paper and stamped by masking her
name then embossing the spider web around her name
to add a bit of interest. The Black sign says Happy Haunting
Cling 1- this stamp coordinates with Graphic 45
'Happy Haunting' paper line

I used a watermark pen to outline the existing
signature and brought it up onto the mat then emboss it with Lindy's Stamp Gang

in fairy's, not ghosts...


onecraftymama said...

OK, spooky! I love that she scared someone enough to scream - it simply makes the trip that much more memorable. Also, you aren't the only one who doesn't want the 'tourists' in your pics ;) My memory is so sketchy that later on I'm always sure I'll be trying to remember who the strange people are!

Anonymous said...

that was a great tour dear. we should go back one day.

love romeo

ps nice l.o

Sparkly Pink Star said...

so beautiful!

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

This is SO cool, Pam!

Rita Barakat said...

love the pictures!!! How fabulous!