Friday, June 8, 2012

Playhouse Update

I have been working....hard, on the little house.
I love how these old shakes look on the roof. Unfortunately they have to go. Roof leaks so that is a problem.
I think it is best to make sure I am doing it right. I want to maintain as much of the original house as I can. That being said there is some major weathering on the old girl.
 I thought I would pop the ancient board with the names of children who played there in the past . It was on the exterior right where the door opens.
 So, that was my first project.
As near as I can figure the names are:

-DON JOHNSON -DWAYNE McCORY - KEN DUNCAN -LLOYD CARSON PATSY McKENZIE                                          


I removed that piece and now it looks like this,

 I will clean and  protect the original piece, then mount it inside the house. The new one will hold the signatures of my children and grandchildren. Probably mine too.
I am a builder a fixer a keeper of things. So, I had cedar boards in the exact size I needed  to replace the door frame piece. I also had more cedar siding to replace what had been the West facing side for 50+ years.
I know from a distance they didn't look  too bad but, trust me they were a mess.

Once they are painted  they will blend right in.
{I chose BEHR Honey for the body}

I am still stuck on what color trim I want
So, that is the exterior walls, done except for painting.
To do this I had to pull all the corner trim off.
My mantra for the two day's was..."Moths are my friend....they are soft...they are NOT trying to fly into your mouth...keep your mouth shut and your safety glasses on while removing the corners...."
 Seriously dozens, probably hundreds of moths hatching and hiding under the corners. Wonder what the roof shingles hold hidden for me to find?

And thats the story so far...Total days in '5' and so much more to do, just to get it waterproof.
I am still searching for roof shakes and glass.

I am open to any and all ideas. Please leave your thoughts on what you would do with this little jewel. I will add you in for the random draw for a RAK when I am finished the renovations.
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Herballistic Garden said...

Oh Pam! I love this little house! We used to have a playhouse for our kids, but it wasn't as sweet as this one and I can't wait to see the finished product! I love the history of the board you kept! Beautiful! xo wendy

onecraftymama said...

Moths are definitely soft, and definitely friendly...but that's a lot of moths. Eeek!
I absolutely love the idea of the name board - the fact that it exists, and the fact that you'll save it. What a wonderful little piece of history!

Joanne said...

I love your playhouse and it is worth all the waiting and work.... I look forward to having tea there myself, maybe with my own granddaughter!

Rita Barakat said...

..."Moths are my friend....they are soft...they are NOT trying to fly into your mouth...keep your mouth shut and your safety glasses on while removing the corners...."
Oh my gosh I had to laugh! I am thinking EEEWWWWWW!!!!! LOL What an undertaking I know you are going to make it so fabulous!! What a darling legacy you are leaving!!!

Ava Gavloski said...

love hearing your stories, so want to get at my little house project as well!!! you are having way to much fun!!!

Trish said...

Don't forget our names...we played there too! So glad you are fixing it many good memories in that little house. Playing dress-up with your Mom's old dresses, sleeping in the big iron bed...until it started to hail and then up to the old house.