Sunday, January 1, 2012


In the larger scheme of things every year
that is new becomes more important to me.
Life is always busy and full of cross roads.
The little kids are growing up right before
my eyes. It seems like such a short time
ago they were little and full of
mischievous things,
 as only the very innocent can be.
Angella, were you ever that small?

The babies!! Who could resist?
Good hair days
good-bye hair days
Futures looking so bright we gotta wear
shades days
Family Days
Days when only flowers will do
Day's spent tending the gardens, because I want them to say
after I'm gone... 
 "Once Upon A Time...A gardener who cared, a lot lived here"
I will be mindful of the seeds I plant...
and the type of growth I tend....
All through the long dark winter
I dream of  Spring and Summer
Dreams are important....
I dream BIG
and encourage you to do the same
Oh......the things we will do this year.....


Micupoftea~ said...

Dream BIG and wish BIG too! Nice post. Love visiting you, Pam. Happy 2012~

MommaSaid said...

Beautiful photos and thoughts! Happy New Year!

Rita Barakat said...

Oh what fun photos! Lovely post Pam! Wishing you an abundance of blessings in the new year friend! Those babies are adorable!!!

Pretty Arty said...

happy new year Pam:)

Dana Smith said...

happy new year Pam:)