Thursday, September 15, 2011


...that this photo is taken
right beside the box that holds the dawg
kennel....I don't think so......
I was reorganizing my massive photo
library and had to share this one.
It is a few years old now
Our little Gabe was only just toddling around
we still are not sure how he got in there.
And to be fair, he was a handfull !!
{note no grand children or dawgs have been harmed}


Sandi said...

It is always the moments - that save the children!!

BLISS angels said...

too funny! I have a few photos like that too ....bless his little cotton socks.. hugs wendy

Cameron said...

That's so cute...haha!

Rita Barakat said...

Aww thanks for making me smile!

Kathy said...

So, so cute.

Lovey said...

Oh wow...ha they can get into anything easily, but getting out...that's the challenge.