Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Personal Reality Check or notes to self

Lifting this from Jenn- thanks great idea, and I need it TODAY!!
1.- Patience, you must be patient-you worry too much-You are good at everything you want to be good at
2.- Once you make a decision, you have to live with it. This usually means saying good-
      bye to what was, to make room for things to come.
3.- Those preteens and teens will grow up to be as beautiful and productive as the
     other 2 have.
4.- If your instinct tells you to listen.....then listen
5.-There is no such thing as too much scrapbook stuff.....LMAO
6.-If you get off the computer, things will get done faster
7.-Winter will always arrive before you are ready-you are sunshine girl-get those coats and boots soon!
8.- that big dawg will be with you a long time, maybe one day you will love her
9-I Love and am Loved and that can be enough to make me smile every day
10- Stop being so selfish with your time.


wustaz said...

you are loved...... in a girl crush kinda way LOL just joking

fairyrocks said...

LMAO...you know if it ain't mutual it ain't nothin!!!
Love you too