Friday, September 7, 2018

Simple Stamp Over Tutorial

This is a progressive ATC. Which means that it is started by  someone, typically just a background. Then it is sent to the next person to add something else. This is done 5 times, each person adds something, notes what they added and signs the back, and passes it along. The 6th recipient gets to keep the competed ATC.
this is how it arrived for me to add something.
I decided it needed more on the background. So in order to protect the cat image. I used a piece of scrap product bag. Simply lay it over the image you wish to protect. Trace the edges of your image and cut out that piece.

Next lay the protective plastic carefully over the image. Ink up your stamp, carefully position, press down.
You can then remove the stamp. As you see the cat was protected leaving the background looking like it was stamped before the image was added.
That's all I had time for this week. Sun is shinning, potatoes to be dug, children to be sorted. Busy week for everyone I would imagine!

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