Friday, September 28, 2018

Lavinia Fairies Luminaire

This little lantern was a restore rescue, the glass was intact, but falling out.
It was quite tatty. I gave it a good scrub, re-glued parts that needed it. Then commenced with the up cycle.
I mixed up a batch of Gesso with re inker in the color family I wanted
I did two complete coats
Cutting in around the glass sides it is improved, but needed more.
 Then I stamped some Lavinia fairies onto tissue. I found that you have to stamp
 on the dull side of the tissue to get a good print. Make sure the print is thoroughly dry, then  decoupage the fairies to the inside of the glass.
I trimmed out the edges with Kaiser 'Wonderland' paper distressed and inked before gluing to the lantern.

I added some color to glass bead medium and brushed the top as well as bottom of each glass pane.
Top View inked the edges
Detailed around the door with fussy cut trees and lace bits.

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Cindy C. said...

You gave this lamp a brand new beautiful life!! What a fantastic job you did!!