Friday, April 6, 2018

Envelope Art

Getting ready for a big swap out. Thought I would add some interest to the envelopes.

As a precaution, I added a strip of plastic under the glue, so they wouldn't stick together if they got too damp.
Then it was 3 colors of spray and a template I liked. Easy and quick.
 I like to use the overspray as well. The photo below illustrates both looks.

I fit some smaller ones in as well.

 Then I did the edges of the notecards as well.
They look nice for the most part. Use your felts or ink pens to touch up the ones that need a little more definition. Have fun and protect your work surface before your start spraying.
Spray on translucent paper and make this!
But why stop there.....This is what we really want to do... to find a ridiculously cute child to model

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Denise van Deventer said...

Super idea for the envelopes...