Friday, February 2, 2018

Valentine's Fooling around

Here are some Valentines treasures I have been working on for my sweets as well as swapping groups. {Don't get the wrong idea, we do have partners...but, we are swapping art projects, not partners} LOL
Finished box closed

Secured a ribbon so it can have a stand up girl. she will be facing the other way when the box is closed as shown above.

I made two tiny shell books with a simple quote in them.

I am well enough pleased with how they turned out, but won't lie about the unreal amount of time it took to get them to work.
Then I tied them shut with a ribbon woven through lace. It fits inside the matchbox, which is about 1-1/2" X  2" X 1/2".



Some of the goodies that are inside these tiny boxes.
I also made a tiny fold out book with the following on its pages:
Inside this little matchbox, you will find;
A fairy girl plucked from the Hydrangea flowers.
Shell buttons and tiny shell book given by a Mermaid from her treasure box.
Loves lost perfume flask with WWII bus tickets inside. Locket from a hope chest. A dragons teardrop. A feather from the wing of an Angel to watch over you.
Thanks Pinterest for keeping it real!


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