Friday, October 13, 2017

Counting Crows

In the spirit of this month....I will be 'Counting Crows'.
This project began when I first read the poem....thinking plotting.... In order to make a book to illustrate, I needed some....Crows, or Ravens if you will. Page 4 just happens to be the page I started on. I think because it is the center fold and the back was dry. This is going to be a fun project, check back for more!
See the 'die' and some more ideas at the bottom of this post. First I cut the Raven's from several layers of tissue. Next I sprayed them with a solid black mist. You can see that right now there are some solid, and some 'pied'
Being well enough satisfied with the look overall, I moved on to the journal pages while they dried. NOTE: Often I will spray over the images on white art paper. The shadow figures will find their way into another project, I am sure.
This book will be a total so far of 7 double sided pages. The first thing I did was create a moon effect for each page. I will make a separate post about that in the near future. Then I did the lettering in a resist type product, so it will stay in tact under all the layers.
In order to make a wood like background, loose pallet effect I got out the pastels. Keeping with what was to look like boards, I scribbled in various shades of brown, keeping the strokes vertical to the page.
Then I went in with TH picket fence and blended it all together.
For a plank visual, I used a ruler to draw lines and simply dotted in nail heads with a felt tip marker.
The trees are just scribble type with markers and pencil. This is the page so far, there is a space for some personal journaling. I may add some stamped images as well. Check back for the 'moon' process photos.

I am always playing around with old torn book images. This one will be another starting point for more art journal pages. I thought it looks interesting with text behind the cut out....Hmmm always plotting the next page!

This is the TH die I used for the Ravens/Crows
Just received it in my latest order from
Scrapendipity store HERE

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