Friday, May 19, 2017

Art Tile Exchange

These are a group of tiles that a friend of mine is hosting for a swap group we both participate in.
The theme was 1920's - 1930's. Prohibition, women's rights, men were real men, styles were risqué and changing, the industrial revolution was in full swing, war times, dirty thirties. The color pallet was muted, dusty rose, tan etc. Nothing too contrasting. The rest is up to each persons personal style.
The hostess mailed each participant a set of sturdy chip board tiles to create each month for a total of a six month rotation. We make two complete sets of each size, keep one set and mail the other back to her.
We had one lady drop out, so I volunteered to do an extra set.
Here is a conglomeration of the tiles. They range in size from 4x6 right down to 1x1 inch.

I was mailing to Greece, so I opted to do the set in a single mail out package.
The hostess will gather them all, shuffle and mail back the completed art work from various artists.
When they are all in hand. I will assemble them in a grid that 'Valerie' put together to form an 18 x 20 inch wall art display. I will update here once I received the turnaround tiles.

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