Friday, March 3, 2017

Sunrise over the Lagoon

More Kit Blitz - Island Escape

A sunrise photo shoot. While on vacation, I am always up early. Just too excited to sleep. We were promised an ocean view....turns out it was just a Lagoon. But, so pretty first thing in the morning any how.

-I started with one of the plain background sheets. Got out this stencil. I think you can get a similar patterned one in several sizes and varieties.
- Then I gave it a semi translucent coat of gesso. Leave the stencil on
- I used a yellow spray "glimmer mist chalk" but really any bright yellow would do.
- Then quickly removed and wash stencil.
 NOTE: if you have a clean sheet of paper, you can reverse the stencil while it is still loaded with gesso and spray to start a background for another project.
I tend to take too many photos, so used some of the ones that looked like repeats for the title work.
-The trusty Cricut is my go to for custom cuts and shapes. the Xyron sticker maker is an indispensable tool as well.
 NOTE: If you are cutting photos make sure and set your pressure to probably a 4 to get a crisp clean cut. Also, see how they were positioned to cut along the same line in the photo. This is also an interesting left over stencil...hmmm thinking...thinking...
Check back Sunday to see more Kit Blitz with 'Island Breeze'
In the mean time, thanks to Pinterest, I keep dreaming of the beach

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