Friday, March 4, 2016

Santoro Stacks

I picked up this little package of 'Mod Podge' Santoro precut paper from the Little Green Truck 

You have to pop the pieces off, trim up the edges, ink and do all that before you glue down. I chose to do a pop dot application, rather than mod podgeing it all down flat.
Separate all the pieces, decide how you want them to look, by doing the 'dry fit'
 Here is a quick overview of the foam dot placement. Make sure to cut your dots to fit the area, so when you are done, nothing shows through. I also used glossy accents to make the hearts and photo corners shine.
 If I was a card maker, she would be a card, I am not witnessed by previous attempts here LOL. So scrapbook page embellishment it is!!
Thanks Pinterest for the Minions

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