Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A New Studio Space - the beginning

Worked on this last summer, it is the end of one of those big spindles that hold cable. It needs proper hands.
 Our youngest DD's former room. This is after the walls were painted, but just bare cement. In two tone red and white. But, it is in wonderful shape,
 no leaks no cracks, very dry.
First up, hung the old door from Dad's pack shed. This was the inside, it is so much prettier than this photo shows. Very chippy so many layers of goodness. We 'barn door' style mounted it so it moves to one side, and will eventually join up with the old Scrapbooking room.
{I have outgrown}
 This is a large room 26 ft. x 12 ft.
Two large windows
{slated for replacement too}
And if the truth is told, it was the window redo, that got the ball rolling on this room. It previously had panel board that had been covered with various graffiti. It was a total tear out and drywall redo. 
I put very inexpensive laminate flooring down. I got that completed today. My knees are blistered. Overall I am very happy with the new look.
These will be storage
 Love these wooden crates from my husbands parents. The property they purchased in the 70's was at one time a country store site. Look at the tongue and groove corners. I wonder how old they really are.
{note to self, must research butter boxes}
 These were nailed to the wall of an old garage. They said I could take them all as the place has been sold. This was a good day. They were filthy, but because they are butter boxes, they are lined with wax. I hit them with the pressure wash, let them dry in the summer sun. Then scraped the first layer of wax off them. It was impressive how clean they look. They have been stacked in the basement waiting for the right project. I
Two cloth covered cork boards - last fall project
Another junking pick. I will post an update when the room finally gets completed. It takes a long time

New hanging file, read more HERE 
 The crates 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" inside measure
I will line them with wall paper
Baseboards installed,
 and they match the door!!
 Table from 1920's reclaim chair, telephone corner. I will be adding some decorative papers to the mail/magazine rack.
 Business corner I wanted it pretty, but it still has to house the supplies.

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