Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dreams and Ravens

Sometimes things that happen do so in such a way that seemingly unrelated events will fall together. Like the pieces of a puzzle lost and found. A memory thought forgotten, only to be reawaken by a breeze, a glimpse, a shadow. Like the dreams we hold closest to our hearts. The ones we don't share, but cling to in the quiet hopeful places of our being.
 Thanks to Arlene Grace Folk for all the hours it took to make this phenomenal dream catcher.  It is a mystery a work of art a treasure.
 {I am trying to get better photos.}
It features the feathers from eagle, owl, stones for grounding and jewels for dreaming. The Eagle and Owl are two of the most powerful birds of prey.  They are a symbol to many of things to come, things that were, things that are yet to be. A sign of hope. I see them a few times a year.
 Sometimes they rest in the trees around our acreage.
The poem at the beginning of this post is about dreams, but is an excerpt from Edgar Allen Poe's work  'The Raven' 
The Ravens and I have a history, they seem to show up in the most unusual places and times. They are a smart bird, wise in an eerie otherworldly way. They might disappear for long periods of time,
 but they return.
Sometimes I think if I could hear it,
they would have an important message for me.
I wanted to gift my last daughter with the name 'Raven'.
Thank You to Archie and Gayle for this beautifully crafted Raven sign for our yard. I will treasure it.
As this year closes out....
 I dream that 2016 will be the best yet. 
That this year will keep the ones we love safe and happy.
Good bye to 2015

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Joanne said...

What a beautiful post! Sounds like perfect serendipity to me.