Sunday, March 15, 2015


verb: Just made this word up
means the same a catastrophe,
but involves said shed......
synonym...'shed happens'
This is what I discovered this morning after the big wind yesterday....
If you look a the lower edge you can just see the power line that it is resting on.
Long view looks like the shed is resting on it.
Going to investigate further....
Cocoa the Ponkey comes to help...
well truth is she hates me
and always tries to kick me...
The barn corner you can see that the guy
wire is broken and only the actual
 electrical wire is supporting the weight.
or so it appeared,
 but I think this post and wire on the back side
 stopped it from snapping the cable.
This is what was in said shed before the 'naider
Poor little garden tiller on its side...wheels twisted, was the only thing that tried to stop it from flipping. May or may not have lifted the seat off the quad. And yes the shed was anchored.
 But the wind was huge. Shed is still on its side, but re secured and still skewered by the post. That's a bigger job than Rhiannon and I can do together. Everything newly exposed is now tarped.
I think Pony would have tried to help,
 but he was hungry.....

 Thanks to George, my life line...who assured me I had done all the proper steps before fooling with the electrical cables. Its all free and clear now. Shed will need help to get it off the fence post, but at least its off the wire.


Cindy C. said...

OMG!! Thank goodness no one was hurt!! Mother Nature sure know how to keep us on edge!!!!

tracie @ beets+birch said...

geeze that was a breeze! scary stuff!
glad your okay!

Jessi Fogan said...

That is definitely worthy of coining a new word....holy crap!