Monday, October 6, 2014

A Curiousity or Two

 Without actually admitting to the idea that I am adding to my ummm collection of unique things. {or telling you that I had to wrestle it from the hands of a very nice woman I know - You know who you are} Here is the warming bowl.
I  would love any information that anyone might have about this item. Like approximate age? where it might have been used?
The bottom has one word on it 'copper' and you can see the copper coming through. I think it has some sort of silver plate on it.
 The filling spigot doesn't have the cap. It is very heavy in hand. The bowl is permanently attached.
And then there is this interesting little frame. I looks very old to me. Appears to be all joint and groove put together.
The back looks like this, those clasps pivot so it can be opened. Then the canvas backed liner actually splits in half on a hinge?
 Again if anyone has any ideas or has seen these before? I would appreciate any and all feed back. Have a great day. It is these items that keeps me digging through other peoples abandon treasures. LOL Its a sickness.


Jessi Fogan said...

I have absolutely no idea - but how amazingly cool these are!! No wonder picking is addictive!

Joanne said...

it's not a sickness... it's a gift to recognize beauty and potential!! .... and I didn't really want it anyways.... till you wanted it, then it became more desirable, but it's better off with you...