Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where the Fae Folk Play

A little bit of rain...
and the Fae Folk houses pop up
 You just never know when
 you will catch a glimpse of them

The old witch steals the shoes and
 keeps them planted...an enticement
from the blacks on left Old Witch-Irelyn-Rhi-Rhi

 From the far left..Rhi'-Grandpa C-Horse hoof cover-Grandpa C-baby Taryn-Jazzy-Baby Gabe-Taryn below and beside-Jazzy-Rhi-Old Witch's
 The mate to the little pink shoe on the right of Gabe's shoe disappeared
 almost as soon as it was planted...
 Irelyn's old favorites hide
the entrance to the fairy door.
Incidentally there is a family of foxes that disturb these in their attempt to catch the fairies that frolic in the moon light. The old witch sprinkled them with cayenne pepper, chilli and black ground. I am sure with the sneezing spell that was cast, it will deter them. It will also enable her to hear the fairies sneeze.

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tracie @ beets+birch said...

i was just out yesterday wandering the forest snapping shots of mushrooms! we have the lovely (very poisonous) red spotted variety.
they fascinate me!

in finland there is a heavy dose of forest fairy folklore intertwined into the scandinavian culture. the red mushrooms really add to the magic of it all :)