Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Three Weddings and

Looks like we are in for a busy 6 weeks. Three family weddings to attend in that time period. These day's it is most practical to give a gift card or just cold hard cash. I decided I would just bite into the task of making the cards. Three makes it somehow more worthwhile for me.

 I decided I would bite the cardmaking conundrum and just do it. My thought process was to keep it all one colorless {white} theme. 

I had a look at the stash and went through all my cuttlebug folders and die. This is what I did:
I started with premade blank envelopes and cards
I decorated the envelop to give it that extra something

 I ran the front page of the card through with this sheet music emboss plate.
You can buy a doily, or cut one out of vellum or tissue for a sheer look
then I cut butterfly's from a piece of pearl paper. {Check the gorgeous selection in store}
I played around with the butterfly placement a bit
 Dug through the stash for more white bits
 If you know your brides colors you could add in a bit of their colors for ribbon, or string trim
You could cut the butterfly's in their colors 
Here is the finished set of three.
They will do well enough I think. These day's most couples need cash more than they need a gift, so on the inside cover I will secure the $$$.
 How much do you give as a gift?
They are all nieces so very close family.


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Jessi Fogan said...

These are gorgeous! And doesn't it always seem like everyone gets married at the same time? Like babies, they seem to happen in waves :) I love the doilies & the shimmery butterflies!
As for money, it seems like the standard at the moment is $100 if you can afford it. With three that close together though...yikes!