Saturday, April 26, 2014

Canadian Pickin'

Yard Sale season is upon us.
Here is a find from one last night
An Old Fashion 12" Guillotine  and it cuts a fine edge too! I don't know anything about it, probable school issue cutter. It say's to "return to room 5" on it. as well as marked 'Milton Bradley Monarch' auto lift spring.
These beautiful Red Ware glasses came from my lovely Aunt Jeanie via my Mom. Thanks!  The color is just so rich and elegant. They don't make a lot of glass like this anymore. My Magpie Eye like them too much.
You can just barely make out the
made in 'FRANCE' stamp in this shot

-Disclaimer- Sorry Romeo, I stopped because I was looking for shelves...honest!-


Art and Sand said...

I have several different Fiskar paper cutters, but I loved using my classroom paper cutter and would have loved to take it with me when I retired.

The red glass is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

well at least you had a purpose when you stopped.
love romeo