Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Real Artist

When we travel, we like to find something that is one of a kind. Usually hand made and art related.
Found this beautiful piece of art work at the market we went to in Cuba. It seems to be created on a piece of plywood.  Love this mermaid.
It even has an element of mixed media. I had to barter hard to get it for a good price. I wasn't even sure it would fit in the suitcase. It looks like a test run for various ideas. 
The same artist did the match box. the detail is so intricate and exquisite.


Tisha Dolton said...

Love the detail om the mermaid. What a find.

Jessi Fogan said...

The mixed media element on the mermaid makes it even more awesome - experimenting usually leads us to our favourite stuff, right? And that's a matchbox? Crazy detail!!