Friday, February 28, 2014

The Fireplace Makeover....

Things have been busy at our house
This is the finished fireplace / wood stove
This is my DH taking the old pipe out so that we will be certified once it is re fitted.
See all that ugly 'Z-Brick' I always hated that stuff.
We only had a small chimney fire after he was done cutting....But, we got it out . Had to get the chimney swept and all that. Since our grandson's are too big to fit in there. We brought in the professionals and had it done right! I painted out the brick in the wood holder to the right in this photo. 

This is the in progress of the opening. Steve did the tile cutting, and I did the install. We took an antique stove that I absolutely loved out of here. Insurance was refusing to insure our house with the stove still there and working.
Finished alcove
Close up of the inset tiles. They have such a gorgeous pattern.

Close up of the new soapstone firebox. All 400 lbs., installed and ready to use.
Good thing too, because it is suppose to go to minus 35 or  something tonight. Unbelievable for this time of year.
And if that wasn't enough. I finally got finished the hardwood 
in the two remaining upstairs bedrooms. {when I say 'I',  I do mean, I did all the work myself}
 I don't think I will be working in that field, but am feeling very smug with myself for getting it done.  So happy to have the entire upstairs flooring completed now! project, on to finally finish the basement reno....

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Linda Pekrul said...

You are a multi talented lady! Beautiful new fireplace and floor! I suspect you have saved the antique one and we're going to see it re-purposed into something wonderful???