Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Think Spring....Technique?

 A happy greeting card. With a mini tutorial of sorts. Although this appears to be a long stamp,
it really is the same stamp, stamped over and over again. You could replicate this with any scenery stamp.
Assemble your arsenal. Ink up that stamp with the dauber. Stamp and then re-ink, stamp again, carefully overlapping your edge until you make it across the entire paper. This could also be used on a layout. Use an embossing power to emboss the entire run. 
Let the piece cool. The 'North Woods' scenery stamps would make a gorgeous run. Just mask out the portions that you don't want to repeat by placing a small piece of paper on the area you don't want to reuse as you work across the page. 
Carefully ink some color onto your flowers and even out the bottom edge with a touch of green. 
Add some fluffy blue sky, and you are done inking.
Stack with several coordinating mats, add some interest to the bottom edge with an edge punch.
TIP: Before you attach the ribbon, pre-measure at least 3 inches larger than you need. 
Tie the knot, slip it across your work till your knot is positioned where you want it.
Then clip the  back of the circle {see photo inset} so it will be long enough to tuck behind on both sides. You can then secure it to your card with double sided tape on the back.
Supply List:
Card Stock
Distress Inks
Ink Blending Tool
Border Punch
Embossing Dauber
Embossing Powder
Wild Flower Field Stamp
Double sided Tape
North Wood Scenery Stamps

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