Saturday, May 18, 2013

TINKERING ~ Fairy Wishes Mobile

This is a  Fairy Mobile 
It is actually a cup that will be filled with little
'Fairy Magic' and Wishes
 For the 'Playhouse'

I used two extra large slush cups, the outside one was punched and threaded
with the wire that holds all the elements I attached. 
Then the inside cup was used as a liner so it is smooth to hold the
love notes and fairy wishes
I Mod-Podged the hand cut fairy's to the scoops

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P.P.L.U. Playhouse Progress List Update:
~Old shingles off all 2 million tiny nails removed
~Tar paper applied
~Old Chimney hole covered {thanks Steve}
~Small Gable re cedar shingled
~1/2 door gable re cedar shingled
~Back Side 1/2 re cedar shingled
~ X old shingles not cleaned up
~~X no landscaping from last year growing


Anonymous said...

your welcome my dear. wish i had more time to help you do more.

love romeo

Susan Hemann said...


Sandy said...

I love this piece of artwork!

Linda Pekrul said...

This is just magical!

Jessi Fogan said...

LOOK AT THAT TINY FAIRY GLITTER BOTTLE! I actually squee'ed out loud seeing that. And all those precious teensy fairies....Totally brilliant to use two cups, btw. I would have been trying to make a liner like a dork ;)