Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"There Can Be Only One"

This was the 80's catch phrase for the movie
'The Highlander'
 In an attempt to fuel my Muse I thought I would 
do a layout about one of my all time favourite movies
I made my own background and used public 
domain images for the photos.
I just can't help myself, there is something
about a good looking man in a kilt.....
I have always loved this movie
'The Highlander'
It is the story of a 15th century Scottish Highlander
  who becomes immortal.
 He falls in love with a woman but she ages...
 he is holding her as she dies in his arms.....
he is still young, she is old....He is left alone. 
This is the dialogue from that scene in the movie... 
I think I do believe a love like that is possible.

{this is a flash back to his youth, when he first 
realizes he is immortal , he is talking with his mentor}

      Wait a minute......I want some answers...
You want?
              Don't you ever think about anything...
except what you want?
You must leave her, brother
               Lyrics to sound track:
 There's no time for us.....There's no place for us  
                What is this thing that fills our dreams  
                Yet slips away from us?  
                 Who wants to live forever?  
                  Who wants to live forever?    
                  There's no chance for us  
                  It's all decided for us  
                  This world has only one sweet moment  
                  Set aside for us  Heather!
                  Who wants to live forever?  
                  Who wants to live forever?               
Heather?....., Connor, I'm here!
                  Who dares to love forever  
                  When love must die? 

      My beautiful man.....My husband.
I am that, my love.
                I've never really known...
                Why you stayed.
Because I love you as much the first day we met.
                And I love you...... I don't want to die....
.... I want to stay with you forever.
I want that too.
                Will you do something for me, Connor?
What, lass?
                In the years to come, will you light a candle...
                and remember me on my birthday?
Aye, love. I will.
                I wanted to have your children.
They would have been strong and fine.
                Don't see me, Connor.....Let me die in peace....
...Where are we?
We're in the highlands.
   Where else?
Running down a mountainside.
The sun is shining.
It's not cold.
You've got your sheepskins on...
and the boots I made for you.
                                   Good night, my bonny Heather.

We are living in changing times, when men and women will no longer need to and in many cases, don't want to commit to just one partner.  That is fine, if that is where you need to be.
 But for Romeo and I .....'There Can Be Only One' 
....I guess I am a hopeless romantic at heart
happy 24 years Steve, my beautiful man...


Ellen said...

That was an awesome movie! Love your layout! Great subject idea for a page!

Anne said...

Hi, Pam, my Dear! I love this! Do you remember the series, as well? ~ love that guy, too! Such a beautiful tribute to your honey!~ I wanted to come visit you and thank you for all your delightful visits and sweet comments for me...I swear, I am so behind! I decided that this evening was for me and I was going to sit down and make time to visit! ♥ Our youngest, Jonathan, graduates in 3 weeks and it seems like every day lately is just wild...and he takes care of most of it himself! (But I stress!) Tomorrow we have to see his advisor at the university about this fall's schedule...and this weekend is Senior Prom! I guess I just need to settle down and make more Fairy Houses...;)
Hugs to you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

My dearest Pam

To steal the quote

I love you as much today as the first date... Maybe more if that's possible.
May we have at least 24 more

Love always andthe best


Jessi Fogan said...

Absolutely beautiful, Pam. And 24 years? Huge congratulations to you both!
By the way, our oldest son Connor? Guess where he got his name? :)

Allison Rankin-Fillo said...

What a cool idea...I used to watch this movie over and over again with my brother...thanks for the memory!

2amscrapper said...

great layout--love the color palette

Halle said...

I don't think I've seent hat movie...but now I want to!!
Lovely pages!