Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Journal Page, Stone Effects

Have you ever started out making one thing, then completely ended up making something else entirely? Well that is what I did with this project. I was going to show you a simple stamp worked into a layout idea for hidden journal. But in doing so I realized how gorgeous this simple stamp by Kaiser really was. So, I got out the mixed media supplies and decided to make a new  'Art Journal Page.
Assemble a good stiff art board weight paper, Gesso or artist dimensional paste. Layer a patch of gesso or paste in the area you want to create your 'stone effect'. Make it with some depth. Allow to dry till you can touch to top without sticking to it. NOTE: you do not want to dry till it is hard, so your stamp will make an impression. 

Ink up the stamp and gently press it into your medium, joining your stone pieces in an alternating pattern, re ink in between each press. NOTE: wash your stamp immediately with a soft toothbrush to stop the gesso or medium from hardening on it. Allow the stones to dry completely
Spray randomly with your choice of mists and inks, you may want to cover the area around your creation so you can manipulate the colors around your piece later. See a walk through of the finished piece on my personal blog  fairyrocks.blogspot.com
Daub off and add more color till  you are satisfied with the look. Allow to dry completely.
NOTE: Use your imagination, this stamp has a nice deep impression base, have a look at all the new texture stamps in the store. The possibilities are endless.

Here is the finished background for my journal page. I added in some spray background cover, crafters workshop trees, stamps. I will journal on top about the photo soon.
Supply Suggestions:
Rocks Texture by Kaiser
Art Journal Paper
Dylusion Ink
Glimmer Mist ' in stone colors'
Gesso or Art Medium
Crafters Workshop Templates
Texture Stamps
Large leaf stamp
Spray in a sky, use a paper towel to spread it around, do a ground spritz using a dry towel to move the ink around as well. Remember this is a background and does not have to be perfect. Lightly trace in your trees using a template. Then stamp around the path , and bottom of trees with a nature stamp using permanent ink.
I have added the journaling  about the 'Playhouse'.

I haven't forgotten my promised RAK, so comment on this post to be entered to win when I am done the work on the Playhouse,  Click HERE to read the posting history.


Jessi Fogan said...

WOW! I love how the ground turned out! So much texture. And I can't wait for pics of that tea party - they are going to look so adorable dressed up!!

Halle said...

I love this technique...creating a scene outside the photograph. Very well done!!

2amscrapper said...

I love that stone effect--gorgeous pages.

Linda Pekrul said...

Love the tutorial Pam! I have been wanting to try one of these layouts where you blend the photo into the background! Just need to set my mind to doing it. LOL. And WOW what a wonderful Playhouse you have and such a cool project! It is just adorable. You have taken me back to all the happy hours my sister and I played in our playhouse that Grandpa built us. Yours is a mansion compared to ours though! LOL. It is so wonderful that you were able to bring it home and restore it. Look forward to seeing more pics!!

Gayle Price said...

Your journal page looks amazing. Love how you have created that textured path. Thanks for sharing. xx

Dawn said...

This is beautiful, Pam. The technique looks amazing and that is the perfect stamp for it. I can only imagine how much fun a playhouse would have been. My brother and I use to build all kinds of forts made out of anything we could get our hands on, but they of course were no comparison to your beautiful house. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos and I'm sure it will be amazing when it is all done.

Micupoftea~ said...

What a cool technique- thanks for sharing! I love how you 'built' the background. I'd like to try this sometime. HAPPY Spring, Pam :)