Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This is the last Valentine post from me, I promise. I started out with a card in mind, but ended up with a layout. Without a photo, as you can see. But, that is what happens when the printer is out of ink, and the project is due.
I cut apart the tiny valentines on the collage sheet  and along with the stickers from the sticker sheet, I randomly stacked them  where I felt like it suited my layout.

This is one of the pieces, trimmed in close and then I carefully cut a slit just beside the right hand page and the book border. I slipped a ribbon and two faux pages. Gave it all a little lift with some dots to give it a 3 dimensional look.

The letters are from an older Fancy Pants 
sticker alphabet sheet. 
I always gently adhere just the lower bit of  a long phrase or title to a ruler, so I can manipulate  them around till I find where I want to place them.
-Always buy your Alphabets, Stickers and Embellishments with your paper for the best matches. 

Who will you be celebrating Valentines with this year?
 ....I am still open for dates...

 All supplies for this project purchased at


Jessi Fogan said...

I'll come be your date :) We can play with paper!
I love all the little details - and that's a fab tip with the ruler!

Anonymous said...

well dear sorry but it looks like just about every other year for the last 24. but i'm sureyou would have no problem getting a date if you want.

Anne said...

Wow!! That is gorgeous! Fabulous looks like it took forever!
Can you believe how this week is flying by?
Have a wonderful Thursday, my Dear!

Dawn said...

Gorgeous layout! I love how you've altered the little book - so clever! And the ruler trick is definitely one I will be using again and again - why didn't I ever think of it?

2amscrapper said...

beautiful layout--love your composition!

Emily Keaton said...

What a beautiful layout! I love all the fabulous details included here. :-)

Allison said...

This is just so pretty...I love all the vintage ephemera you included to make it such a wonderful layout!

Rita Barakat said...

Beautiful- love the book idea, nice touch.