Saturday, February 23, 2013

Click Your Heels

I have been having s lot of  fun with
 this stamp from Stampendous
As I worked on this one,
 it occurred to me that Dorothy started that
whole running away  when you are a  teen.
And, I will tell you that if  the  'Wicked Witch of the West' 
had these....she would have been my kinda Witch.
To see a full tutorial on how I made this card, visit
Because there is still a little Dorothy in me, I say 
"Forget a 'Red Hatter's Club', I need 'Red Shoes'!!"
 The first thing I did when the stamp arrived was
to stamp and emboss on copic quality card stock.
I can't decide what color I like best, 
so I am coloring them in several in several color combos 
This is a Lindy's midnight black emboss 
I used copic markers to color all the boots
Lindy's Emerald 
Old Gold 

In real life, I am not a shoe girl at all. I like the look of heels, 
and fancy boots. But, alas I am a 'Dawgs' and 'Crocks" girl
 However, that does not mean that I don't
 know a great shoe when I see it. 
Even I would be tempted to buy these
 if they came in left and right.

I am so excited about this new stamp


Linda Pekrul said...

Pam, these are absolutely wonderful!!!! I go for comfort in shoes too, but I always look longingly at ones like these. LOL. You have done such a fabulous job with these, I love each and every version, and the card is so, so cool!

Marianne said...

I need that shoe! look at how much fun you had with it. I haven't played with my stamps and ink in such a long time I am sure I'm more than a bit rusty.
Your post struck an nerve and I need to go play.

Dawn said...

This is a fantastic shoe and it looks like you had a tonne of fun colouring it too! I'm having a tough time picking a favourite - maybe the green? They all look great!

Hugs, Dawn

Micupoftea~ said...

Oh, what fun! Lots of options. I love the wings and metal, Pam. Enjoy the end of Feb. Time change is a few weeks away :)

Gayle Price said...

Hey Pam, your card is beautiful. I love the colours you have chosen and wow, it really is a great stamp with lots of pretty detail in it and I love what you have done with it, especially the wings. xx

Jessi Fogan said...

Dorothy! I knew we could blame her for something :)
Me too I'm not a shoe or fashion girl IRL, but I love playing around with them on paper. And I love looking at them...I just prefer to be comfy to looking fancy! I so love all the fun stuff you've done with this shoe!!

Linda M. said...

Hi Pam, I really like your steampunk shoe. I do love shoes but there is no way this lady could even walk in a pair of shoes like that so I'll have to resort to sporting one of those funky hat is red or even purple. Thanks for your visit and comments.
Joyous Wishes, Linda

~Tammy~ said...

Now this is so cool! What a fantastic image!

Joanne said...

wow, awesome stamp and coloring - you are amazing! and I agree, we should start a Red Shoe club and I'll be your first member... meetings in the playhouse...

2amscrapper said...

fabulous shoes!

Allison said...

Love the colors here! What an idea...and all that coloring..phew! Such a cool design!

Lynn Marie' Crafty Corner said...

I just bought this stamp and was looking for ideas for it and came across your blog. My favorite honestly that you did was the red and black so cute. Im not good with this stuff really but loved the shoe and had to have it. So now I need to do something with it lol
Thanks for the ideas